Overdraft Protection Services

We offer two convenient overdraft plans to give you extra coverage when you need it most.

First National does not encourage overdrafts. As always, we encourage you to manage your finances responsibly. We provide overdraft services to keep you from being declined due to an inadvertent lack of funds. Call or stop by and talk to a personal banker to determine which of our two plans may be right for you.

Automatic Transfer

Funds are automatically transferred from a specified savings or checking account to cover overdrafts to a specified checking account. Balances of both accounts are combined to prevent overdrafts and ensure that one-time debit card and ATM transactions are approved at point of sale or withdrawal. There is no fee associated with this overdraft plan.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

A flexible line of credit that is tied to your checking account, letting you borrow up to any approved amount whenever you need it. Overdraft Protection Line of Credit acts as an automatic overdraft protection. Subject to credit approval.  See a banker for terms and conditions.  Apply today!