Customer Notices

Possible Debit/Credit Card Breach

We have been alerted of a possible breach affecting credit and debit cards used at local gas stations within the city of Santa Fe. We are still investigating the situation, however there is  a possibility that card skimmer devices are being installed in gas pump card readers to target unsuspecting purchasers.  Card skimmers are artificial devices that are designed to look similar to the actual card reader devices installed on the gas pumps. The difference is that these fake devices record the information from your card which is then used for fraudulent purposes.

Among the steps you can take to protect yourself are:

  • If the gas pump card reader looks suspicious, go inside and pay for your purchase.
  • Check your bank statements monthly for purchases.  If your bank statement includes purchases that you did not make, notify the Bank.

Protecting your accounts and personal information is a top priority that we take very seriously. If you suspect that your card or card number may have been used without your authorization, contact us immediately at 505-992-2000.



 Expiration of Temporary Unlimited Coverage for Transaction Accounts. Go to the FDIC website for details.

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