Business Banking Service Fees

Checking Account Fees:

Checks paid/Debits




Deposited items


On First National Santa Fe


On other banks 


Draw on uncollected funds

Prime + 2%

Non-sufficient funds check (paid or returned) 


Overdraft fee

$4 per day starting on first day

Returned items


Stop payment


Special assessment (large accounts)

$0.12 per $1,000

Savings Account fees:

Dormant savings account fee

$30 per quarter

Service fees:

Account transfers


Armored delivery/pick up

current prices

Cashiers checks (customers)


Change order - cash

$0.13 per $100

Change order - coin

$0.10 per roll

Charge back (merchant services)


Check imprinting

current prices

Collection items (incoming & outgoing)


Counter checks

First check free; $1 per check thereafter

Disposable deposit bags

current prices

Foreign currency purchase


Foreign draft


Levy processing fee


Locking night deposit bag

$25 (non-refundable)

Money Order (customers)



$20/hour, $10 min, $0.50/copy

Securities purchase


Wire transfer 




Outgoing, US


Outgoing, Foreign


Business online bill pay

$7.95 for unlimited bills; or 6 free bills, $0.50 per bill thereafter

Fees are accurate as of 8/18/14 and are subject to change.